Safe for the Environment
Saves Lives

SafvE's Mission is to
eliminate deaths due to
waterborne diseases, and to
reduce deaths due to
airborne diseases.

    The World Health Organization estimated 1.2
    billion people were affected by polluted water
    worldwide. In addition, 15 million children under
    the age of 5 died of waterborne diseases (WHO,
    2002). According to Gallup's Annual Environment
    Survey (March 6-9, 2008), “Pollution of drinking
    water was the top American concern”.

    Diarrhea is responsible for 1.9 million deaths each
    year, mostly among young children. Diarrheal
    diseases lead to decreased food intake and
    nutrient absorption, malnutrition, reduced
    resistance to infection, and impaired physical
    growth and cognitive development.

    SafvE Inc. Is developing several disinfecting
    products, one of which is DrinkSafvETM a new,
    innovative water disinfection technology utilizing
    surface-binding anti-microbial polymers to kill
    bacteria, viruses and pathogens on contact, while
    eliminating harmful disinfection byproducts.

    DrinkSafvETM can be integrated into existing water
    treatment plants (as well as tertiary waste and
    storm-water treatments), deployed as a portable
    water disinfection solution, or as a solution for
    entire municipalities in developing countries.
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Safe for the Environment
Saves Lives